This first appeared on The Standard on 11 December 2016

Children are very active can have an accident at a moment’s notice. A few months ago, a seven year old boy in our estate lost control of his bicycle and fell from a height of 20 meters. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but was referred to another one when it emerged that the injuries were extensive.We are often told to seek immediate medical attention in case of emergencies. But do you know what to do, God forbid, if there is an unfortunate incident, say at 2 am or during the rush hours? The suddenness of the situation can catch you off guard and make you waste a precious few minutes after an emergency. Whether you have a child with a medical condition or not, consider the following tips.

  • Do a prior search of medical centers near you – you do not have access to your doctor all the time. Be well acquainted with their working hours, emergency services and available medical staff. It is better to take your child to a medical center near you and call your doctor from there for the next steps when time counts most.
  • Keep your  child’s medical history –  it might not be easy to remember important information about your child’s health in an emergency. This can help a medical team make a better and quicker diagnosis. Make sure to include previous and existing medical conditions, medication, allergies, immunization cards.
  • Stay calm – this is easier said than done but it makes the situation easier to handle than when you are panicked and out of control.


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