First International travel with your baby

Planning your travel has been more or less easy before your baby came along. But now that your bundle of joy is around that book you carry to kill time in the plane will be left behind because your hands will be full. If you are among the lucky parents, your child will sleep at the most important part of the trip, which is the transit or checking in, but if not, you are in for an awkward surprise.

Here are some tips that can help.

  • Plan your trip well ahead – you do not have the luxury of being spontaneous anymore. Planning ahead of time gives you the chance to choose comfortable seats on the plane, prepare the things you need for the trip
  • Bring a baby carrier/stroller – Unless you were in a circus, you cannot carry your baby, diaper bag and suitcases at the same time. Using a baby carrier will free your hands and will help you maneuver airport terminals.
  • Pack light but a lot of diapers – packing light will help you create space for your diapers as well as for all the souvenirs you might come back with. If you are sure that you will get your diaper choice at your destination, less on the diapers.
  • Don’t feel bad in going ahead on queues –  this is one privilege travelling with a baby will give you. Weather it is on the checking in counter or immigration counter, go ahead of the queue, most people understand.
  • Pack a travel friendly changing mat- airport wash rooms might not always be clean. You can use your own to avoid putting your baby down on a surface you are not comfortable with.

Do Infants Need Yellow Fever Vaccination?

Infants aged yellow fever vaccine, which is a live virus vaccine. It is not recommended for infants aged 6 – 8 months, except during epidemics when the risk of yellow fever virus transmission may be very high.

This first appeared on The Standard on 25 December 2016

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