Getting back in Shape

From the time our body prepares for carrying a baby all the way to the time we give birth and afterwards, it goes through a lot of transformation which is overwhelming.  Our system builds up a reserve weight that will be useful to both you and the baby. Unfortunately, this accumulated fat is not an easy thing to get rid of. Here are some tips to help you get back in shape.

Have a positive body image

You just gave birth and that is not an easy task. Feel proud of the beautiful squishy body that brought life to this world a few months ago. Give yourself some credit.

Start exercising

Start with walking in the house with your baby. Don’t think of going to the gym or running at first. Get used to you body moving for a few minutes everyday in the house. Then build up from there.

Set small achievable goals

Fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans should not be your first goal. Your body did not accumulate all the fat over night, it took months. Hence, give your body time to get back to its previous state.

Sleep Well

Resting well gives us energy to refresh our system and prepare for more rigorous activities of raising a baby which will help in burning the added weight.


Breastfeeding helps burn at least 300-500 calories a day. That is a very healthy way of loosing weight.

Start eating healthy

If you were not paying attention to what you were eating before, now is the time to start. Most of what is mentioned above will not work if you do not eat healthy. Aim for making vegetables part of your daily intake.

Giving birth to a human being is not a simple task. Even if you don’t get back to your pre-baby shape, have a healthy life style and be comfortable with your body.

This first appeared in The Standard on 18 September 2016

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