Plastic teeth…Fad or fact?

Have you heard of the plastic teeth? Apparently when children are born with visible teeth (one or two) through the gum or they develop them early, they are called ‘plastic teeth’ and must be removed. The traditional belief is that they will bring bad omen and the child will succumb to illness and die soon. The latest (and improved) belief I heard is that it is false and will come off when the real primary teeth grows which may cause choking and other problems.

Traditional doctors or some mothers use harsh methods to remove the ‘plastic teeth’ which has caused some children to go unders serious health problems. You may be surprised to know that many mothers ask (yes, in 2017!) where to go to in Nairobi to remove this bad omen.

According to health professionals, (and our common sense too)  it is perfectly normal for a child to be born with white teeth showing through the gum. It is also common for some children to teeth before six months. It is also good to mention here that some children get small abscess or swelling on the gum while they are teething which can also be seen as ‘plastic teeth.’

Children develop at different rates and with various experiences thus we should not absorb everything we are told. Filter and ensure the genuinity of every information you hear from others either from multiple people, especially medical professionals before acting on the advice.

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This first appeared on The Standard on 5 March 2017

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