Baby Wema needs our help

There is an indescribable gut wrenching pain you feel when your child is seriously unwell. It is an experience that questions your faith and makes you ask your God Why? It is a point where you actually feel that selfless love because you honestly want to take their place. They are all you think about so you forget that the rest of the world exists. It tortures you to know that they are in pain and have no words to tell you how they feel. It is an experience that drains you financially, emotionally and physically.  It also strains your relationship with your partner and other people around you.

When I saw baby Wema’s medical appeal a few weeks ago, I was taken aback and felt the pain and confusion the parents might be going through. So I sent my contribution and a message to mama Wema and forgot about it. Today I saw this video of her parents explaining her condition and call for help and it broke my heart. It hit me that awful experience I had with my daughter for two weeks has been their life style for months.

Our little ones are fighters, they push on in an extraordinary way through tough times. I believe baby Wema is one of the most bravest fighters but she needs our help so she can come out victorious. Please watch their video and lend your helping hand to the family so she may get well and live the life she deserves.

MPESA Paybill Number: 763762
Acc Name: Wema

Bank Acc Details: Barclays Bank
Acc Name: Aria Wema Mwende
Acc Number: 2037591966
Branch: Village Market


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